Do you have an on-line store?

Gonk does not have an online store.  We believe Gonk is an experience; from the garden outside the store, the lingering fragrance, the friendly hello when you enter, the handwritten receipt and the way we gift wrap. Unfortunately none of this can be experienced online.


Where do you get your stock from?

60% of our merchandise is locally sourced.  We love supporting local and we build lasting relationships with our suppliers to bring you Gonk exclusive ranges, offering you the best in local craftsmanship.

We also import ranges to complement our local offering and keeping our prices as competitive as possible.  We do however make sure that all imported products are responsibly sourced and made from sustainable materials.

Our stock offering constantly changes and depends on our finds, our travels and what inspires us at that time.

How do I become a stockist at Gonk

To become a potential stockist of Gonk – please email clear photographs, information and cost details of your products to  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We plan our ranges well in advance, so even if we love your stock, we might not be able to stock it straight away